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WIN a pair of 446 licence free walkie talkies - open to UK mainland residents

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Want to be in with a chance to win a pair of Midland M24S licence free walkie talkies? Its quick and easy to enter - just go to the product on the website by clicking here and follow the instructions by reading the product description. Totally free to enter, no purchase required. Winner drawn on the 25/02/2017

                                                                              Midland M24S 446 walkie talkies

These two way radios are ideal for camping, hiking, fishing or walking trips. These use non rechargeable batteries so you don't have to have a charging point, just take along some fresh batteries. 

School, college, academy and university services, a flat rate walkie talkie UK postal repair service.

Many schools, colleges, universities and academies use walkie talkie two way radios. These vary from the very basic leisure type of licence free 446 radios right up to professional top class digital equipment working through repeater systems. Perhaps the small school in the country village would only need a couple of pairs of the consumer type of 446 handheld radios [...]

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Replacement housing for the Motorola XT460 and XT420

A quick update on the Motorola XT420 and XT460 licence free walkie talkies. If you have a cracked housing, or one that is in a poor state, new housings are now available. We have received a number of these radios where the rubber push to talk (PTT) button is missing. These would not usually come [...]

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My Motorola GP300 walkie talkie has a faulty earpiece socket, can this be replaced or repaired

Mike Ashby Comms offers a fixed, price, postal repair service for most walkie talkie two way radios. By clicking on the "Repair Service" button on the navigation menu you will be able to download the flat rate repair price list and repair request form. When sending equipment for repair please use a signed for service [...]

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Motorola CP040 radio with faulty earpiece socket, earpiece socket not working

If you have the problem that the earpiece socket on a CP040 has gone faulty, I can help you by replacing the socket. Symptoms are plug is loose in socket, no or intermittent receiver audio to earpiece, no PTT or voice when you call using the PTT on your earpiece. It is a fairly tricky job to change the [...]

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Icom, Motorola, Kenwood, Vertex, HYT, Kirisun, Opus and 446 radio repair service

I offer an expert, cost effective, fixed price postal repair service for most makes and models of handheld two way radios. This includes repairs to PMR business radios and licence free 446 walkie talkies. This service is offered to individuals, schools, colleges, universities, leisure centres, bars, clubs, night clubs, theme parks, Zoo's, fun parks and [...]

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Motorola DP3400 and DP3600 fixed price repairs - Postal service

Mike Ashby Comms offers a repair service for the above two way radios. The cost of the fixed price repair is £33 plus £8 return shipping per consignment (up to 20 Kg) This includes the vacuum test to ensure IP57 rating is maintained, fitting of new vent seal and label.Of course I repair most other [...]

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Motorola GP300 repair service, UK based, postal fixed price repairs. GP300 repairs

I offer a fixed price repair service for the Motorola GP300 handheld two way radio, price per walkie talkie is only £26. Included in the price is labour and most parts on the printed circuit board. Excluded parts on the main board are the RF power amplifier and the accessory socket where you would plug [...]

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Earpieces for walkie talkie 2 way radios, buy online, free UK mainland shipping

Mike Ashby Comms has an increasing range of walkie talkie earpieces available to purchase online. From D-shape, ear bud, acoustic, G-shape, in ear we have quality earpieces to suit most makes of walkie talkie radios. If you can't see what you are after, just contact us and we will do our best to source and [...]

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Repairs to Hytera analogue walkie talkies, UK fixed price, postal service, repairs to all walkie talkies

HYT walkie talkie repairs (Hytera)Mike Ashby Comms offers a repair service for most makes and models of walkie talkie two way radios. Mike has over 35 years experience within the radio communications field and so has a wealth of knowledge when it comes to repairs. As a small family business we offer great service and keen prices, and of course [...]

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